Lid Lift Information

Clark County Fire District 6 is asking voters to return the Fire Levy to $1.50 per $1,000 of assessed property value during the August 4, 2020 Primary Election.


Why is my fire district asking for this?

Call volumes have increased almost 30% in five years – 12.9% alone in the past year. More calls mean added costs to provide service. Voters last approved a Fire Levy of $1.50/$1,000 in 2015. Since then, our Fire Levy has fallen from $1.50 to $1.16 per $1,000 of assessed property value.

A Fire Levy “lid lift” helps us keep up with higher call volumes and the increase in demand for service..


How will the funding be used?

If approved by voters, revenue from the Fire Levy lid lift would fund additional personnel to respond to higher call volumes and pay some costs associated with COVID-19. Funding also will be used to improve firefighter training, earthquake-proof our busiest station in Hazel Dell, and add or replace aging apparatus.


Is this related to COVID-19?

Our fire district has been educating the community about the need for additional funding prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. These communication efforts are well-documented on our website.  However, the funding request is timely considering higher costs associated with the recent pandemic.


How much will the lid lift cost?

The 34-cent lid lift would cost the owner of a $350,000 home (an average for our area) approximately $9.92 per month or $119 per year. If approved by voters, the new property tax rate would start in 2021.  Here’s a chart to help:


Assessed Property Value

Annual Cost

Monthly Cost



$ 2.83



$ 5.67



$ 8.50








Where can I find more information?

Fire Chief Kristan Maurer welcomes invitations to speak (virtually) to local service organizations, community groups, and homeowner associations. She can provide an overview of the Fire District, and update on emergency response in our service area, and share information about the fire levy lid lift request. Please contact Chief Maurer at (360) 576-1195 or

Emergency Services: 2020

Thank you for considering our request.