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This was a record breaking week in the County for positive COVID cases.  Here are some websites to keep you update and informed about the pandemic.  As a comparison, please refer to the table below for the weekly case counts from previous reporting periods:  

Clark County Public Health COVID Data Page

Washington State COVID Data Dashboard

Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center

COVID Rt Live Values



COVID Deaths

Active Cases

October 28th

County Cases at 4,604

Total Deaths at 69

Total of 165

November 4th

+479, total cases at 5,083

+2, total of 71

+90, total of 255

November 10th

+700, total cases at 5,783

+6, total of 77

+94, total of 349

November 17th

+964, total cases at 6,747

+5, total of 82

+120, total of 469

November 24th

+1,023, total cases at 7,770

+9, total of 91

-20, total of 449

We all understand how difficult this pandemic has been, but we need to stay the course.  Please continue to wash your hands, social distance and wear a mask.  

Your firefighters are here to support you.  Thank you for continuing to support us through this pandemic.  

Stay Safe!

Chief Kristan Maurer