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This is an exciting time at Clark County Fire District 6.  Due to your support of the Fire Levy Lid Lift back in August we are able to make big changes.  Starting September 1st, we added an additional response unit to the Salmon Creek Station, Station 63.  This unit will help reduce the workload across the District and reduce response times.  

We are also growing our response personnel.  This week we announced ten firefighter openings.  This is the largest group of new employees that the District has hired at one time.  We are hoping to have them in an academy by February 1st, 2020.  Since we were able to rebuild Station 63 and add a Training Facility with your past support, this group will be trained “in house.”  This saves, you the community, money by not sending them to an outside academy.  These new employees will help us staff a fourth fire engine.  

All of this change at once can be challenging, but these are good challenges to have!  This is all to address the population growth and call volume increase in our District.  We are humbled to serve you all.  

Stay Safe!

Chief Kristan Maurer